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Spring time at Debono Greenhouses
  • Tips from Lidia

    If you enrich your potting soil with fertilizer and compost, you can re-use it year after year.

  • Tips from Lidia

    Make your garden pathways at least 3 feet wide. This gives you a little extra space for over-growth.

  • Tips from Lidia

    Fill the bottom of large containers with dead leaves. This saves on potting soil, and will provide compost as they decompose.

  • Tips from Lidia

    Put off trimming your perennials until spring—the dead tops can protect the crowns from freezing in the winter.

Debono Greenhouses & Garden Centre

Where the selection brings you in, and the quality brings you back.

At Debono Greenhouses & Garden Centre, you will find an abundant selection of bedding plants, vegetables, soils, mulches, flower & vegetable seeds, fertilizers, shrubs, trees and seasonal potted plants for all of your hobbyist and /or professional garden needs.

We’re proud to be a family owned & operated business, and hold a very high standard when it comes to choosing what we sell to our valued customers. The very fact we’ve been in business for since 1962 is not a mere coincidence… we invite you to see for yourself. Get started with our Products pages!

Whether you’re looking to add a punch of pizzazz to your landscape or plant nutritious, flavour-filled fruits & vegetables, high quality Debono products will help your gardens thrive as if planted by Mother Nature herself!

Speaking of Mothers… our Mother Lidia is far and away one of our greatest inspirations, and one of the most knowledgeable when it comes to gardening, from planting to blossom, to bedding for the winter. Lidia can provide you with tips that truly stem from years of knowledge, and a passion for growing and gardening. Check our Gardening FAQ to get started!

Come visit us this season! We’re located in Norfolk County, the heart of “Ontario’s Garden.” See our contact page for directions!

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