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Fall Mums

Chrysanthemums, or ‘Mums’ for short, are perennial flowers that have a number of uses—some species are used as an all-natural, food- and mammal-safe insecticide, others can be steeped into teas or boiled and used as greens. Our selection of Fall Mums can be kept in 2 gallon containers, or planted before the heavy frost hits to come up next spring.

Fall Planters

Planters have a myriad of uses: Smaller pots and hanging planters can be used to bring delicate flowers in to protect them from frost, sill planters can be used to have small flower gardens in apartments or herb gardens in kitchen windows, and large pot planters can be a great way to put some life and vibrancy to a deck, room, or office.

Also Great for Fall

Ornamental peppers, large perennials, ornamental kale, and cabbage are more great ways to keep your green thumb busy while the growing season winds down.

Stop by our greenhouse for more great fall ideas!

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